Class Descriptions

Creative Class - No prerequisite, aimed towards ages 3-5. Provides a fun outlet for kids' creativity and constant motion while being introduced to the basics of Irish dance movements and steps. No special shoes are needed.

Beginner Class – No prerequisite, aimed towards ages 5+. Designed for students new to Irish dance, or students who are repeating a Beginner class to build a better foundation for their training. Irish soft shoes are necessary for this class.

Tipperary Class – Prerequisite: Students have participated in at least one Beginner level class, and are working to master the basic technique, rhythm, and timing of Beginner level reels, light jigs, and slip jigs. Irish soft shoes are necessary for this class.

Competition Classes - The following competition classes are designated by dance level and skillset:

Galway Class (Novice)

Dublin Class (Prizewinner)

Combined Champion Classes :

Preliminary Champion (PC) & Open Champion Class (OC)

Ceili Competition Teams - Enrollment is by instructor invitation only

Champion Set Dance Class – Prerequisite: Students are actively competing in championship competitions. All dancers intending to compete at the Oireachtas must consistently attend set dance class.

Performance Class – Prerequisite: Students have demonstrated clear understanding and execution of competition level skills in both soft shoe and hard shoe, and are interested in performance-oriented Irish dancing. This class is recommended for intermediate to advanced level dancers who prefer not to compete. Note: Enrollment is by instructor invitation only.

Drill Class - These abbreviated sessions are a great second class option for students who are looking for increased opportunities to improve their skills. Students must also be registered in a competition class.

Adult Class – A weekly mixed level class is offered for Adults with Irish Dancing Experience. Abbreviated sessions for Adult Beginners, also appropriate for older teens who are new to Irish dance, will be added to the schedule if studio space and teacher availability permit.

Private Lessons - Scheduled as needed

Injury Prevention and Wellness Checks - Scheduled as needed